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Bonhommeau Sylvain, Gogendeau Pierre, Salvatico Pauline (2019). Projects pIOT & IOT For Indian Ocean Sea Turtles. 11th Scientific Symposium WIOMSA "People, Coasts and Oceans: Opportunities for a changing future". 1st - 6th July 2019, Mauritius.

Bonhommeau Sylvain, Clement Anne-Laure, Gogendeau Pierre, Bernand Serge, Kerzerho Vincent, Julien Mohan, Boyer Alexandre, Chevrier Thomas, Salvatico Pauline (2022). Project pIOT & IOT for Indian Ocean - Sea Turtles. Aldabra Research Station 50th Anniversary Celebration Symposium at the Royal Society. 21 april 2022.

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Pierre Gogendeau, Sylvain Bonhommeau, Hassen Fourati, Denis De Oliveira, Virgil Taillandier, Andrea Goharzadeh, Serge Bernard (2022). Dead-Reckoning Configurations Analysis for Marine Turtle Context in a Controlled Environment. IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL, Vol 22, N°12, June 15, 2022. DOI: 10.1109/JSEN.2022.3170414


Sylvain Bonhommeau, Serge Bernard, Vincent Kerzerho, Pierre Gogendeau, Tristan Rouyer, Anne-Elise Nieblas. An open network to monitor marine environment and species. 3rd International Conference on Island ecology, evolution and conservation. 8 -13th July 2019, Reunion island.


Gogendeau Pierre (2019). IOT - Indian Ocean sea Turtles. Rapport de prospection: Mayotte. Mission du 18 au 25 avril 2019. R/RBE/DOI/2019-009. Accès à la demande auprès de

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Ifremer. RBE, DOI (2019). Projets pIOT & IOT - For Indian Ocean sea Turtles  - Version française -

Ifremer. RBE, DOI (2019). Projects pIOT & IOT - For Indian Ocean sea Turtles  - English version -


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