The Montpellier Laboratory of Computer Science, Robotics and Microelectronics (LIRMM) is a joint research unit of the University of Montpellier (UM) and the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). It is composed of 3 departments whose research activities are in the field of information and communication sciences and technologies.


Teacher-researchers and researchers from the SMARTIES team of the LIRMM are collaborating with IFREMER DOI within the IOT project.  Within the framework of this project, LIRMM researchers are participating in the development of original hardware and software solutions for trajectory algorithms applied to the study of marine turtles. However, the synergy between these two partners goes beyond this, it extends to other collaborative projects such as POPSTAR/MERLIN IFREMER, FishNChip/ European Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Fund, PROMPT/France Filière Pêche, FLopped/ European Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Fund and Release/Prefecture of Reunion Island- Department of the Environment, Planning and Housing as well as via training through research with the supervision of trainees and PhD students, including Pierre GOGENDEAU since September 2019.


The common lines of research at the heart of all these projects are based on the desire to propose, develop and deploy new technological biologging solutions for the study of marine species such as turtles, tuna, swordfish and billfishes. Within the framework of these collaborations, the LIRMM brings its expertise in the field of electronics and microelectronics developments for living organisms. Its contributions range from the development of integrated circuits (figure 1) to the development of embedded systems (figure 2), the development of implantable electrodes (figure 3) and the implementation of experiments (figure 4).