Experimental platform - august 2019

Before deploying the future prototype tags and receiving stations on the 4 study sites, tests must be carried out in a controlled environment that is similar to those encountered in a natural environment, so that engineers and technicians can check that they are working properly (waterproofing of the new beacons, signal transmission, etc.) and make the necessary adjustments.

Following the award of the public contract n°19/1000076 in August 2019 as part of the IOT project, Kélonia - Réunion des Musées Régionaux will provide IFREMER and its partners with an experimental platform. It will include tanks with marine turtles and deployment areas for receiving stations, with the aim of testing future equipment and prototypes.

Kélonia will also provide support for the system's deployments, in particular to equip marine turtles and install reception stations. Its experts will also provide feedback on the behavior of equipped turtles.