Exploratory mission in Mayotte - april 2019

In April 2019, Pierre GOGENDEAU of IFREMER went to Mayotte to carry out an exploratory mission for the future deployment of the IOT project's receiving stations and tags. Accompanied by two agents of the Mayotte County Council, he prospected 4 sites on Grande-Terre and Petite-Terre, taking into account the topography of the sites, the nature of marine habitats and the presence of marine turtles. Deployments in Mayotte are planned for early 2020.

Report of the exploratory mission to Mayotte :
Gogendeau Pierre (2019). IOT – Indian Ocean sea Turtles. Rapport de prospection : Mayotte.
Mission du 18 au 25 avril 2019. R. RBE/DOI/2019-009 (French only)
Access to the request on https://archimer.ifremer.fr/